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At Annie’s Home Store, we have an exciting range of kitchen farm decor items to delight and inspire, and among our featured selections include some amazing products for the rest of your home.  No matter if you are a seasoned chef whose main “office” is that culinary station of the home, or if you only have a kitchen because, well, it came with the house, we have some fun and decorative items for you to enjoy that will give your kitchen the personality and style it deserves.

kitchen farm decor

Kitchen Farm Decor

Among our popular items include carts and stands. These come in handy when displaying various kitchenware and household items, edible or not!  Why let your counters become cluttered when you can proudly display one of Annie’s Home Store’s two-tiered

There is something unique and intriguing about a mason jar.

Sure, they have a purpose for storing food, and if you are like most folks, your grandparents or maybe even your great- grandparents had dozens of these filled and stocked to the ceiling in their basements.  From there, we frequently saw them used to serve drinks at restaurants and picnics.  Now these incredibly useful items offer us a bit of magical design elements when used as home decor.  And the exciting part?  They can play many roles. The tried and true mason jar is a country staple that has an incredible resume when it comes to the things it can do! Sure, it may have been invented and patented in 1858. This molded glass jar used in home canning to preserve food…but now it can preserve most anything you like, especially your endless creative ideas!

Victorian door and window parts can add great design. Whether you are looking for antique hardware parts for an older home or to add a vintage look to a newer home, has a phenomenal collection of vintage hardware from which to choose.  And the best part? When you turn to restored hardware or salvaged parts from older homes, you are actually getting higher quality materials, coupled with unique textures and finishes that seem to exude a certain old soul type of glow.

Victorian door and window parts

Yes, you will spend a pretty penny if you browse through architectural antique stores, but at, our antique hardware parts cater to your budget while simultaneously giving you that historic look you desire.

Take for example that coveted Victorian look.  Our selection of Victorian

So, you have a big event coming up and your “to do” list is running you ragged.  It seems the only mantra running through your head is “too many things to do, so little time.”  We have all been there, and it often seems the faster we go, the further behind we get.  When planning an event, no matter how big or how small, there are inevitably a host of details to which you have to attend. If just one thing falls through the cracks, that might make you feel everything is falling to pieces. Well, technically, it isn’t, but if we can help with at least one of your “to do” items simply, effectively and at a great price, then Annie’s Home Store would love to be of assistance.

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